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A Guide to Online Dictionaries - AGOD brings to you the most useful online dictionary resources that you will need for all your words look up during your quests to improve your native language or when you are learning a new language.
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04 October 2007



POPjisyo is a web based pop-up dictionary for Japanese, Chinese, Korean and other languages. Read foreign language web sites with pop-up hints by moving the mouse over words you want to lookup!

A very useful service with on-the-fly translation.

QuickDic: English-German/German-English Dictionary


This is the site where you can translate words and idioms from English to German and vice versa.

A Simple English-German Dictionary


Abbreviations: English-German


German-English and English-German acronym and abbreviation translator. Contains terms from many fields, including business, economics, politics, engineering, physics, chemistry, etc


This glossary contains about 90,000 technical terms and abbreviations about libraries, books and data processing. It is intended to be a resource for librarians and other users.

Beilstein Dictionary of Organic Chemistry


Dictionary of organic chemistry, both English to German and German to English.



General technical dictionary, both English to German and German to English.

The New English-German Dictionary


A very simple online English-German Dictionary/ Translator with more than 700,000 translations.

Merriam-Webster Dictionary


It provides English online dictionary with voice pronunciation and Thesaurus functions. On the same website you can also access to Spanish and Medical dictionaries.

LEO Online English-German Dictionary

Leo is a very good site for English-German, German-English, English-Spanish, Spanish-English words and phrase definition look-ups. It provides voice pronunciation for each word with examples of the different forms and usage of the word and contains more than 450,000 entries.
A very good source for learning the German language.

English-German Dictionary of Common Computing Terms

A useful online reference of English-German common computing terms.


About.com English-German Computer Glossary

English-German Computer Glossary.



A simple English-German, German-English, English-French, French-English Dictionary with over 1,700 terms.



China-8.com is a very good portal dedicated for learning Chinese. It provides Chinese Lessons, Flashcards, Chinese-English, English-Chinese and Pinying Dictionary with voice pronunciation and provides a very intuitive Ajax Desktop User Interface.

03 October 2007

Word Reference.com


Provides a simple dictionary for word definitions look-up and a list of similar words by the side for fast access. It also provides some extracts from forum discussions that contain the word that is being searched. Included is a voice pronunciation link that provides both the US and UK pronunciations.

Multi-language dictionary is also available for some European languages that include German, Spanish, Italian, French and Portuguese.


Provides words definitions from Dictionary.com, American Heritage Dictionary and WordNet Dictionary and same page translation to multiple languages.
Access to voice pronunciations is restricted to premium members only.
Other services include Thesaurus, Encyclopedia and other References.



Alphadictionary provides a one-click look up in multiple online dictionaries and provides you with the link to the definition in each dictionary. However, it does not provide you with the definition directly on the result page and you will have to click on the link to see the results. A useful function is the reverse word look up.

MSN Encarta Dictionary/ Multi-Language Translator


MSN Encarta provides a fast and easy method for looking up the words definition in the dictionary with voice pronouciation. It also provides a list of similar/related words on a side bar.
MSN Encarta also provides a browser add-on for Right-Click dictonary look-up conveniently.
Included in the service is a Thesaurus and a Multi-language translation services for

Google Translate/Dictionary


Google provides another convenient tool for looking up the meaning of words and for translating phrases and whole web pages from one language to another using its free translation service.

You can translate between the following languages:


Google Dictionary


Google provides a very easy way of looking up the definitions of words. You can do that by simply typing in "define:" follow by the word that you wish to search in the dictionary and Google will return with the meaning of the words and examples of how it is being used and some example phrases. However, Google does not provide a voice pronunciation of the word.

Yahoo Dictionary


Yahoo Free Dictionary is based on the American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language. You can find definitions, spellings, and word suggestions in this free online searchable dictionary that features over 200,000 entries, 70,000 audio word pronunciations, and 900 full-page color illustrations.

Further, you can have access to Encyclopedia, Thesaurus, World Factbook, Quotations, Anatomy and English-Spanish, Spanish-English Dictionary.

The drawback of Yahoo Dictionary is that there are too many advertisements on the page that makes reading difficult and slows down the search process.


A very useful Ajax Chinese-English, English-Chinese Dictionary. Words are displayed in Pinyin, Traditional and Simplified Chinese and English Definitions. It comes with various options that you can select for different word match and display results.

English-Chinese Ajax Dictionary

This Ajax Engish-Chinese dictionary is based on StarDict Project. As you key in the word in the search box, a list of words suggestion appears below the search box on-the-fly and you can click on any of them to get the meaning in Chinese.

ObjectGraph.com Dictionary


The Objectgraph Dictionary uses Ajax for words look-ups. It provides a very fast and convenient way of finding the words meanings. As you enter the world to look-up, a list of words and their corresponding meanings will be shown and filtered immediately and automatically in the same screen just below the search box without taking time to refresh the page. It is especially useful when you are not able to spell the full word that you are searching for.

Objectgraph dictionary uses definitions from "The Project Gutenberg Etext of Webster's Unabridged Dictionary" which is in turn based on the 1913 US Webster's Unabridged Dictionary.

It provides two types of words look-up based on Classic and FOLDOC definitions. Further, it allows you to switch to Thesaurus on-the-fly. Objectgraph also allows you to look up PHP Function Reference and work on English-Japanese word search.

The Free Dictionary


TheFreeDictionary.com has a friendly Web2.0 user interface. Apart from providing convenient access to word look ups on Dictionary/ Thesaurus, Computing Dictionary, Medical Dictionary, Legal Dictionary, Financial Dictionary, Acronyms, Idioms, Columbia Encyclopedia and Wikipedia, TheFreeDictionary provides free voice pronunciation of the words that you are are looking up. Furthermore, the cross reference to Classic Literature portion provides a very good access to understanding how the word is being used in different context.

You can also download a free browser add-on from TheFreeDictionary. The Desktop Assistant has been developed by Sphinx Software. This convenient software allows you to access The Free Dictionary's definitions and encyclopedia entries by selecting a word or phrase with one click. It works in almost any application.